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ThreatStream OPTIC™ is the first threat intelligence platform that manages the entire life-cycle of threat intelligence, from multi-source acquisition to actionable operations across the entire eco-system of existing security devices. ThreatStream OPTIC was designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise and government organizations.

The ThreatStream OPTIC platform is available in public cloud, private cloud and on-premise.

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ThreatStream OPTIC allows you to counter adversaries by fusing actionable intelligence with your existing security infrastructure.

Leveraging our unique machine learning algorithms, we collate the world's largest and most diverse sets of threat indicators into actionable threat intelligence - identifying relevance, context, severity and relationships.

ThreatStream OPTIC LINK™ connects your existing security infrastructure to the OPTIC platform for real-time threat awareness.

ThreatStream OPTIC CROWD™ enables threat sharing and collaboration with enterprise level controls to enable sharing and acquisition of cyber threats cross industry and cross platform.

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