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The ThreatStream OPTIC Platform was designed to optimize the way organizations defend from cyber attacks. Complementing traditional signature and anomaly based technologies, ThreatStream OPTIC delivers a data driven security approach that enables your existing security investments to function much more effectively.

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ThreatStream OPTIC transforms the acquisition and application of threat intelligence from a complex process requiring multiple scripts, parsers and technologies, to a simple to use, yet sophisticated platform that enables full life-cycle management of threat intelligence with built in data sharing controls and protocols (STIX/TAXII).


High quality intelligence is paramount for an effective enterprise security operation. The ThreatStream OPTIC platform aggregates millions of unstructured cyber threats in real-time, leveraging proprietary algorithms to automate malware classification, actor attribution, and a deeper level of threat context not available before in a commercial offering.


ThreatStream OPTIC supports multiple integration targets, enabling existing security infrastructure with a real-time stream of threat intelligence. By upgrading your existing security infrastructure, ThreatStream OPTIC will give you new visibility to known and unknown threats without having to replace or add new product appliances.


There is NO limit of collaboration for adversaries, underground forums, TOR, IRC. Before ThreatStream OPTIC there has never been a platform to enable real-time security intelligence exchange with the controls and requirements needed by large enterprise and government organizations.

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