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ThreatStream OPTIC™ Threat Intelligence Platform

See Threats, Take Action, Protect Yourself and Your Community

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/The ThreatStream Platform

Imagine being able to make sense of all the threat information that’s flowing through your security controls and coming from your threat feeds in minutes, not weeks, months or years.

/That’s what ThreatStream OPTIC can do for you

The ThreatStream OPTIC threat intelligence platform makes sense of all of the threat data that security teams have to sort through to find the needle(s) in the haystack that can threaten your business, customers, intellectual property and reputation.

/Already Integrated With the Most Critical Security Controls

Right “out-of-the-box”, OPTIC is already integrated with many of the most widely-used security products. Using OPTIC Link to connect our platform to your security infrastructure, you can literally start understanding the most urgent risks to your business in minutes. We help you leverage your existing investment in security by making everything from your firewalls to the SIEM more effective.

/Easy to Build Trusted Communities For Sharing Threat Information

ThreatStream OPTIC also enables users to more easily share threat intelligence by supporting trusted community creation, collaboration and analysis. With the press of a button, OPTIC users can share threat intelligence in real-time with trusted peers or within any circles of trust they’ve created. With OPTIC’s collaboration capabilities, users are essentially taking advantage of an ‘early warning system’ that enables them to anticipate and protect themselves from attack.

/Turn on Additional Threat Feeds as Needed Using Our App Store

ThreatStream’s Alliance Preferred Partners (APP) Store is built into the OPTIC platform. Featuring some of the most popular commercial intelligence feeds, the APP Store makes it easy for OPTIC users to purchase the additional threat feeds they need with the click of a button. ThreatStream facilitates the purchase, and once completed, users begin immediately benefiting from the additional intelligence provided through the new threat feed.

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Learn how it can help your security team see, respond to, and share threat information faster, better and more cost effectively than ever before.

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You can also give us a call at +1 844-4-THREATS (847328), or visit our Resource Center to learn more.